A Wacom Cintiq 21UX. This is a 21", 3:2 aspect ratio monitor where you draw right on the screen with the Wacom Pen. It has four buttons and a touch slider on each side. On screen is a digital painting of a red-haired woman smelling roses. An arm and hand holding the pen up is in front of the screen.

Several years ago, Wacom stopped updating drivers for the original 21UX Cintiq. The last working driver for the Cintiq was version was Wacom’s 6.3.15-3, and it works for macOS’s up to High Sierra.

Using Connect My Tablet I was able to get my Cintiq (same model as shown in image on left) working in Mojave, and Catalina. The downside was the Wacom Preference Pane would crash if I tried to do anything other than calibrate the screen.

Thanks to Nicholas Sherlock, I was able to download and install a patch for two Wacom drivers for Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur that have my Cintiq working perfectly so far, including the Preference Panes, and adding new applications and keyboard shortcuts, as shown below.

Fixed Cintiq 21UX Drivers

Wacom Tablet Preference Pane with Adobe Photoshop 2020 selected and the Pen Tab activated for the Grip Pen Wacom Preference Pane with the Express Keys panel active, showing Cintiq Button shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop 2020.

I have been using Connect My Tablet to keep my Cintiq going, but this fix is far better since you can now make changes in the Wacom Preference Pane and not have it immediately crash.

If you have been using Connect My Tablet, you need to go into Open System Preferences -> Security and Privacy, and turn off AEServer, as shown below, otherwise it interferes with the patched Wacom drivers.

Screen shot of System Preferences Security & Privacy tab, showing the Accessibility pane, with AEServer highlighted with a red box. AEServer is unchecked.

You can either manually replace two Wacom drivers if your Driver is already installed, or use the custom “Install-Wacom-Tablet-6.3.15-3-patched” installer if you remove the original drivers first (back up your settings so you can re-import them).

I just used the patched installer on a fresh install of Mojave that had no tablet drivers installed, and it worked perfectly, and I used the Wacom Tablet Utility to load my preferences I backed up from my main hard drive (Catalina), and my Cintiq is working perfectly.

I gave away my old Intuos 3, so I can’t test it with this, but it should also work with this and other models.

Fixed Cintiq 21UX Driver