A stylized, bright gold “2021” with a clock striking 10 p.m. as the “0”, on deep brownbackground, with the words, "Happy New Year" in bright gold, all reflected horiztonally.

So 2021 is upon us. Last year I made the resolution to #ReadEverySingleDayThisYear, and read more books last year than I did in the previous 5-7 years.

I read 47 novels, 2 novellas, and re-read one novel before starting the second book. One thing that helped with that is having a Kindle. Small type and fine print is getting a little hard to read these days, so being able to increase font sizes for reading makes things easier.

So on to 2021. I’m still going to read, just not every day.

Two things I want to do every day are write, and play guitar guitar. I’m going to continue to get into better shape (Closed all three rings on my Watch 232 days in a row), and I’m going to keep that going.

I also want to get at least 8 new apps up on the Mac and iOS app stores this year.

The next four apps will be one for batch converting YouTube subtitles (.sbv) to SubRip (.srt), one utility text case-changing app, a subtitle formatting app, and a transcription app before getting back into Unity apps.

I’ll also be spending way less time on Social Media this year. Too much frigging doom-scrolling, so I’ve set limits.

So, Happy New Year to folks reading this, and here’s to a year that’s much brighter and better than the rancid septic tank that 2020 was!